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Photo: Kalyn Jacobs

What is aura house?

The goal of Aura House is to facilitate workshops & create a safe space where women can support one another on their personal path of self-empowerment. To invest in building a powerful community through the radical act of sisterhood. All while staying committed to reclaiming love & power within ourselves and to create a culture of understanding self-care & spirituality. We as a collective will occupy spaces that will serve for all ages of women of color-cis, trans, queer, and gender non-conforming.

“Each time women gather in circles
with each other, the world heals a little more”

There is a void in society that no woman of color can deny. As human-beings,political agents, and spiritual warriors, we are constantly in spaces of struggle. We, women of color, must create these sacred places for ourselves. We reserve the right to spaces where we are free to openly discuss issues that directly affect us. We as a community can bridge the gap of mental health services in our local communities. Each one, teach one. Aura House will provide a place for women who are needing more information on how to transition into getting the therapy they need. Discovering different forms of therapy, or adding to their one-on-one therapy. 


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