Flannel bags are typically used to create Mojo Bags. A Mojo Bag is an amulet containing one or more magical items such as herbs, roots, and other different objects.


Mojo bags are used to draw in energy towards certain purposes such as love, success, prosperity, fast luck, protection, health, money, and etc.


Flannel Bags:

100% Cotton Flannel


I created a large number of different flannel bags because I began an amazing book some time ago called  "365 Days of HooDoo" by Stephanie Rose Bird (amazing book if you're just starting your journey). When the first shut down happend, it was hard to find materials to keep up with my studies. Hoping to help others stock up on materials needed for class or their own personal use.


Purchase your own copy from black owned book, Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery (Chicago,IL) store below:


365 Days of Hoodoo: Daily Rootwork, Mojo & Conjuration (bookshop.org)



Flannel Mojo Bags

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