Yerba Santa has so many benefits. Fresh leaves can be steeped to make a tea that would help with a bad cough from a cold and it increases circulation. More often it is burned for healing and clearing negative energy built up in a space. 


Each bag - 1/4 cups; 2 oz


Yerba Santa Herb Bag



    This herb bag is not meant to be eaten, smoked, or made into a drinking tea. As some as some herbs may be difficult for the body to digust. Some herbs may be sensitive to the skin; try not to have any open sores or injury to the skin before taking bath. Do not add anything else to the bath unless stated otherwise. balm yard is not responsible for any hiccups that may occur in any ritual not followed by instruction. It is also best not to take any baths while menstruating. This is for your own safety shawty!