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Where I've Been - Ep.03

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Rediscovering Myself: The Year of 33 and the Power of Three

Hey fam! Been a lonnnnnnng time!

Life has its ebbs and flows, and lately, it feels like I've been caught in a tide that's pulled me away from many passions that once defined my existence. But every sunrise heralds a new beginning, and here I am, embarking on a journey of rediscovering myself and reigniting the flames of my passions.

Welcome Back: Tracing My Steps

The universe has a curious way of signaling new beginnings, and for me, it has aligned with Virgo season – a time of reflection, transformation, and growth. As I pen this down, I've just celebrated my 33rd birthday. 33! A number that holds deep symbolism in spiritual texts and Eastern cultures. The number 3 signifies growth, expansion, and ascension. Now, as I embrace this age, I feel an overwhelming urge to harness this energy, dedicating this 33rd chapter of my life to metamorphosis and positive change.

The Adventures of 33: Traveling Down Memory Lane

My birthday trip was nothing short of enlightening. A planned visit to Savannah, GA, serendipitously turned into an unexpected journey to South Carolina. This detour wasn't just geographical; it was a profound dive into my roots, as I discovered more about my Geechee lineage. Understanding my heritage, my lineage, has always meant the world to me. This unexpected journey gifted me precious insights into where I come from, adding more depth to my understanding of who I am.

The Path Ahead: Consistency and Commitment

So, what happens now? The word 'moving forward' has taken on a new meaning for me. It's not just about marching ahead, but doing so with purpose and dedication. One challenge I've grappled with is consistency, especially given my ADHD. But I've realized it's not about the battles we face but how we rise above them.

And with that spirit, I'm making a pledge – to all of you and to myself. I vow to be consistent, to share my journey, my insights, and my stories. Expect to hear from me weekly, whether it's right here or on Spotify and other podcast platforms. It's a promise to keep the communication flowing, to keep the connection alive.

To sum it up, this isn't just a 'welcome back' to my passions, but a hearty 'hello' to every one of you, as we embark on this renewed journey together. Here's to growth, rediscovery, and the magical number 3.

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